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Working at Conquer Ordinary

Working at Conquer Ordinary Has Its Perks

Do you dream of working in the information technology (electronic commerce, software and applications development) industry? How about being able to work anywhere on the Planet? On a beach in Hawaii, or taking your lunch break fly fishing in a stream in Alaska.

As a fast growing IT company, You will be working for us remotely. Full-time positions have great benefits including medical, 21 days PTO, and many others.

We are a small team of full-time employees as well as a handful of contractors. We’re fast moving, nimble, self-managing and work in a relaxed atmosphere. Rather than working for a mega-corp, you will be working in a company where your work has real impact in the fun high-growth stages of our evolution.

We use apps like Slack for our workflow. Each team member is World-class at what they do. We have flexible working hours and we are a diverse team ranging in age and location from Texas to Connecticut to California.

All positions involve a trial contract of approximately 3 months with a minimum commitment of 15 to 20 hours per week or month (whichever works better for your schedule). You will be paid for this time and it will be used to evaluate whether both parties want to pursue working together.

What We Look For

Behavioral Traits and Skill set

• A willingness to grab whatever task is required of you and run with it. This may include work outside of your core tasks. We are a small team and everyone needs to pitch in.

• A high level of productivity and self-management.

• Must be comfortable working face to face with our customers, as well as working remotely, and interfacing with other team members using Slack and other remote tools.

• Excellent analytical ability and problem solving skills.

• A strong work ethic.

• Effective communication skills. This is critical for remote workers and we can’t emphasize this enough. You will spend a significant amount of time interfacing or communicating face to face with our customers in your catchment area, and/or other team members through your keyboard and it’s critically important that you can effectively convey your thoughts.

Submission Steps:

1. Fill in and submit your application under the department that best suits your skill

2. Select and upload your resume

3. Upon completion, our Human Resources Department will be in touch with you as soon as possible


You will be requested by our Human Resources Department to submit a cover letter during their review process.